Leadership Team



Hassan received his PhD in International Law from the University of Geneva. His PhD thesis focused on the relationship between the WTO and UNESCO, specifically the legal regime of trade in cultural goods. In addition to a law education, he completed a Master’s in Business Administration and Islamic Studies in Iran. Hassan worked in ISESCO Regional Office (Tehran), for 7 years as a program officer of culture and communication. Since 2014, he became involved with the NGO activities in relation to the Human Rights Council. Aiming to promote Sustainable Development and Cultural Diversity, he established CD4Peace in 2018.


Programme officer

Asala holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy from the Geneva School of Diplomacy. She has a demonstrated history of working in International Organisations and Non-profit Organisations. She is skilled in intercultural communication, translation, conflict resolution , research and data analysis.
Asala saw some potential in NGOs when it came to peace making. That’s when she decided to join the CD4Peace team.


Executive DIRECTOR

Marc Enzo completed his master’s degree at the Institut Barcelona Estudis Internacionals in International Relations. He also holds a bachelor’s in History from the University of Barcelona. Marc Enzo has specialized in Peace Processes and Conflict Resolution, by working with Peace Institutes in Spain, and in Humanitarian Action, by working with NGOs in Greece, and his personal interest in both fields was the primary motivation to join the CD4Peace team.

Christine DE SILVA


Christine received a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy from the Geneva School of Diplomacy. She is currently a Master’s Candidate in Transitional Justice at the Geneva Academy.

Being born & raised in Malaysia, Christine has been immersed in a culturally diverse lifestyle which motivated her to move to Geneva, the hub of international organizations, in order to gain experience and enhance her knowledge in the field of human rights. Her love for culture, her passion for sustainable development and her motivation to achieve justice for victims of conflict is the reason behind her decision to join the CD4Peace Team.

Maëva Laeticia SCHULER


Maëva holds a BA in Politics and International Relations from the University of Sussex, England. She is currently pursuing a first year Master’s degree in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, where she is specializing in global security and conflict studies. She joined CD4Peace because she believes in addressing the root causes of conflict and fostering a culture of peace through the promotion of cultural diversity and sustainable development.

Current Team​​



Amine received his Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Geneva. Born in Algeria, Amine moved at a young age to Switzerland and has lived in the German as well as the French part. Being aware and intrigued by the cultural diversity Switzerland had to offer, Amine searched for professional experience in this field. For this reason, he decided to join CD4Peace.



Samantha received her bachelor’s degree in 2021 from the University of Essex in International Relations and Foreign Languages. She is currently pursuing her master’s in development studies at the Graduate Institute Geneva. An avid hiker with a passion for democracy, technology, racism mitigation and post-conflict development, she is highly interested in global political affairs and advocacy work. Outside volunteering and studying, she enjoys learning about different cultures and customs, hence her desire to intern at CD4Peace.

Hadja Nabidja FOFANA


After a bachelor’s in Political Sciences in Côte d’Ivoire, Nabidja is currently following a master’s program in Diplomacy at Geneva School of Diplomacy. Combining her origin, work experience, and constant volunteering, she has been able to develop good leadership abilities, attention to details, commitment, and great organizational skills. She joined CD4Peace because she is fully aware of the effects that the cultural diversity of a country can have on its development and its ability to promote peace.



Lutfie Gjurra has a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Rhodes College, USA. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at Geneva School of Diplomacy. She comes from Albania, but has lived the majority of her life in Greece. During the Syrian refugee crisis, Greece received many refugees and she discovered her purpose of civil service at refugee camps. Since then, she has been focusing on diversity issues and conflict resolution. Therefore, it was an ideal choice for her to join CD4Peace.



Sophie is currently pursuing her Master’s in European Studies at the University of Geneva. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in multilingual communication and is an experienced language teacher. She is convinced that understanding and accepting cultural differences can lead to a peaceful coexistence between people and to major efforts towards a achieving a more sustainable world. This is why she joined CD4Peace’s sustainable development division.

Xiaochan YU


Xiaochan receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Queen’s University in Canada. Upon graduation, she moved to Geneva to pursue a Master’s degree in Development Studies at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, where she specializes in power and conflict and global health. Deeply passionate about human rights advocacy and cultural diversity, she identified with core values of CD4Peace and joined the team to gain first-hand experience of working in a NGO.

Emanuela LAMORTE


Emanuela graduated in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs from the University of Bologna. She is currently a Master’s candidate in Development Studies at the Graduate Institute of Geneva, majoring in Power and Conflict.  She believes that by joining CD4Peace she could dismantle the assumption that peacebuilding is nothing more than big business and change her mind about the fact that an NGO’s work in cultural diversity is a winning strategy for the development of peace relations.

César QUAN


César was born and raised in China. At the age of 15, César moved to the USA to pursue studies. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Irvine, he worked as a Communication and Media Specialist in Hollywood. His strong interest in international relations led him to study other languages with the objective of becoming a diplomat. In addition to English and Chinese, he is fluent in French, Spanish and German and continues to learn Italian and Portuguese. Currently, he is pursuing his master’s degree in International Relations at the Geneva School of Diplomacy.

CD4Peace Family

CD4Peace wants to express gratitude to everyone who has contributed and collaborated with the organization and who has shared our values and mission. We are now a family!

Sinan UYAN​

Junior Officer

Sinan holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Lausanne. During his studies, he was particularly interested in international cooperation and the contribution that his personal experience could bring in this field. He joined CD4Peace because it defends the same values of promoting peace and expressions of cultural diversity that he likes.

Joyce Wangari MWANGI​

Junior Officer

Joyce is currently a master’s candidate at the Geneva School of Diplomacy. She is a graduate of the United States International University Africa where she attained a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. She has worked with AIESEC where she gained leadership skills and cross-cultural experience. She is passionate about civic engagement and thus, she joined the CD4Peace team.



Akriti is pursuing her Masters in International Relations at the Geneva School of Diplomacy. Raised in India, Akriti has grown up in a multicultural environment where she gained firsthand experience of the needs and challenges of a developing nation. Her internships at the UNDP and UNICEF, India stimulated her passion towards sustainable development and keen interest in learning about diverse cultures, which further motivated her to become a part of the CD4Peace team.

Gugu Khulile MBHAMALI


Gugu is currently pursuing a masters’ degree in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance at the University of Padova. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Swiss UMEF University in Geneva. Given her monoethnic background, Gugu is interested in learning more about cultural diversity and human rights issues emanating from cultural practices. Therefore, Gugu decided to join the CD4Peace team.



Anusika is currently completing the final semester of her BA in International Relations at the University of Geneva. The respect of human rights is vital for her because she was born and raised in Switzerland by parents who fled from a violent ethnic conflict. Most importantly, she is very concerned and involved with intercultural dialogue and cultural inclusion. Therefore, she decided to join CD4Peace in their endeavours to embrace cultural diversity.

Quentin BÉROD​


Quentin holds a Master in International Relations from the Université libre de Bruxelles and a Bachelor in Political Sciences from the University of Lausanne. He joined CD4Peace to promote a culture of peace and dialogue and to be involved within the International Geneva. Quentin truly believes in the key role that can play CSOs and NGOs in the research and the conduct of peace.

Ammanuel DELELEGN​​


Ammanuel completed his master’s degree at the university of Geneva in Political Science. He also holds a bachelors in the same field from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Raised in Geneva, his interest in CD4Peace results from a personal conviction and commitment to contribute to global efforts in alleviating precarious human rights situations around the world, as well as peacekeeping, conflict resolution and counter terrorism.

Serhat YILMAZ​


Serhat holds a bachelor’s degree in economic and social history from the University of Geneva since 2018. During his bachelor’s degree, he was interested in the problems of economic and social inequalities. This interest prompted him to focus on the African continent. He therefore chose to continue his training with a Masters in African Studies. Issues of human rights and peace building are subjects of interest to him as well. He found in Cd4Peace the NGO that defended his values.

Siran CHENG​​


Siran is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Economics and Economic History at Lund University. The role of institutions, legacies and regional disparities in shaping economies around the world has been of Siran’s interest. Her studies have given her understanding of how previous economic change can help us understand the future. Siran joined CD4Peace as she believes that the intersectional perspective of the organization is essential in building sustainable peace. 

Vaishnavi SREENIVAS​​


Vaishnavi is a recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh with an MSc in Religious Studies. She completed her undergraduate education in English Literature from India and wishes to pursue a career in advocacy and research in diversity, social justice and human rights. She is interested in the intersectional approach towards peace building that incorporates cultural diversity and thus joined CD4Peace. 



As a current student of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Como, Daniel aims to bring his social and multilingual skills, as well as his positive energy into a professional environment.
Regularly surrounded by multicultural communities, he firmly believes that sustainability can be the key for lasting social and environmental outcomes. As a result, he proudly chose to be involved in the Sustainable Development initiatives that are practiced at CD4Peace.