International Day of Peace

A variety of security threats have been emerged along with increasing of hate speech and violence all over the world as well as an increase of international and non-international conflicts that threaten global security and peace. CD4Peace, on the International Day of Peace, which marks its anniversary today, 21/09/2018, affirms that the promotion and consolidation of the principle of cultural diversity is one of the two pillars of the peace process due to its great role in emphasizing coexistence. Cultural diversity is at the heart of the Human Rights which is widely referred to in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) through fundamental issues that concern the identity of individuals and peoples such as freedom of belief, language, etc.

CD4Peace, also, emphasizes on the role of sustainable development as a second pillar to bring about world peace, and promotes the right to development as one of the fundamental issues of the Human Rights, taking the 17 global sustainable development goals (SDG) as a priority agenda.

On the International Day of Peace, CD4Peace stresses all international and non-governmental organizations to strive for the adoption of both cultural diversity and sustainable development, side by side, in order to reach peace. CD4Peace, also, hopes that this day will be a new beginning for all those working in the international peace in order to make the issue of conflict resolutions as a necessary and urgent issue.

Finally, CD4Peace reiterates its slogan “Cultural diversity and sustainable development are the two wings for our world to fly in the sky of Peace”

Published by: Maram Daood