Best wishes for 2019!

CD4Peace wishes you a happy new year! May this year be full of love, surprises and beautiful encounters!

As 2019 is approaching, it is the opportunity to take some time to think about who we aspire to be and what we want to achieve in 2019. 

We wish to remind you that empathy, understanding and respect are the virtues that shall accompany us in all our undertakings. Our actions must involve kindness and compassion. 

With this in mind our achievements will bring us more joy and reward because every celebration feels greater when it is shared and enjoyed collectively. 

This coming year could mark a new start for all of us. Let’s become the best version of ourselves and seek to enlighten those that cross our paths. Let’s listen to one another and seek to learn from these interactions. 

Try to help people and accept their help when it comes to you. Try to teach others and embrace their knowledge when it is offered to you. Let your love flow towards those you care about and learn to accept their love and care in return. 

Last but not least, do not forget to give some love to your own self.