Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development for Peace

Two wings for our world to fly in the sky of Peace


We foster and spread a culture of dialogue, diversity and co-existence. We work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. We build bridges, networks and platforms between communities and governments. Through promoting cultural diversity and striving for sustainable development, we forecast peace.


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Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development for Peace, CD4Peace , is an independent, non-profit, international non-governmental organization, based in Geneva.

We aim to promote and protect Cultural Diversity Expressions and Sustainable Development, to enhance Human Rights, and to facilitate Conflict Resolutions and Peacebuilding around the world. We believe that without accepting and promoting cultural diversity, there would be no sustainable development; and conflict resolution could be happened when we recognize diversity in the process of sustainable development. Cultural diversity and sustainable development are two wings for our world to fly in the sky of Peace.






Hassan defended successfully his PhD in International Law at the University of Geneva. His PhD thesis focuses on the relationship between the WTO and UNESCO, regarding the legal regime of trade in cultural goods. In addition to law education, he completed a Master in MBA and Islamic Studies in Iran. Hassan worked in ISESCO Regional Office (Tehran), for 7 years as a program officer of culture and communication. Since 2014, he became involved with the NGO activities in relation to the Human Rights Council. Aiming to promote Sustainable Development and Cultural Diversity, he established CD4Peace in 2018.

Hassan Fartousi, President



Liliana Mota has worked at several UN agencies and programs, foundations and private sector, and more recently as project coordinator and resource mobilization consultant for African Development Bank in Cote D'Ivoire. She holds a double master’s degree in Economics and International Policies from the University of Lugano.

Liliana Mota, Consultant



Maram DAOUD is a Human Rights activist, and MA candidate in “EU International Relations and Diplomacy” at the College of Europe - Brugge. In addition to BA in Economics from Damascus University, he holds MAS in International and European Security from both the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) and the University of Geneva.

Maram Daoud, Consultant


Junior Officer

in 2018, Joana graduated from a BA in International studies at Leiden University. During her studies, she followed a program in Environmental and Global Challenges at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. Coming back to Switzerland, she was seeking to discover the world of NGOs and joined the CD4Peace team.

Joana Crivelli, Junior Officer

Asalah DALAB

Junior Officer

Asalah is currently a BA student in Diplomacy and International relations at the Geneva School of Diplomacy. Through her studies, she developed an on growing interest in sustainable development. Also, being brought up in different cultures she witnessed inequalities which led to her engagement in human rights. Asalah saw some potential in NGOs when it came to peace making. That’s when she decided to join the CD4Peace team.

Asala Dalab, Junior Officer

Christine De Silva


Christine is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Arts programme in International Relations & Diplomacy. Being born & raised in Malaysia, Christine has been immersed in a culturally diverse lifestyle which motivated her to move to Geneva, the hub of international organizations, in order to gain experience and enhance her knowledge in the field of human rights. Her love for culture and her passion for sustainable development is why she decided to join the CD4Peace Team.

Christine De Silva, Administrator

Anusika Vinasithamby


Anusika is currently completing the final semester of her BA in International Relations at the University of Geneva. The respect of human rights is vital for her because she was born and raised in Switzerland by parents who fled from a violent ethnic conflict. Most importantly, she is very concerned and involved with intercultural dialogue and cultural inclusion. Therefore, she decided to join the Cultural Diversity Division of CD4Peace.

Anusika Vinasithamby, Intern

Gugu Khulile Mbhamali


Gugu is currently pursuing a masters’ degree in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance at the University of Padova. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Swiss UMEF University in Geneva. Given her monoethnic background, Gugu is interested in learning more about cultural diversity and human rights issues emanating from cultural practices. Therefore, Gugu decided to join the CD4Peace team.

Gugu Khulile Mbhamali, Intern

Joyce Wangari Mwangi


Joyce is currently a master's candidate at the Geneva School of Diplomacy. She is a graduate of the United States International University Africa where she attained a bachelor's degree in International Relations. She has worked with AIESEC where she gained leadership skills and cross-cultural experience. She is passionate about civic engagement and thus, she joined the CD4Peace team.

Joyce Wangari Mwangi, Intern

Maëva Laeticia Schuler


Maëva holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Sussex, England. She is currently pursuing her studies as a first-year master’s candidate in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, in Geneva where she specialises in Global Security and Conflict Studies. She joined CD4Peace because she believes in the necessity of addressing the root causes of conflicts and fostering a culture of peace through the promotion of cultural diversity and sustainable development.

Maëva Laeticia Schuler, Intern

Quentin Bérod


Quentin holds a Master in International Relations from the Université libre de Bruxelles and a Bachelor in Political Sciences from the University of Lausanne. He joined CD4Peace to promote a culture of peace and dialogue and to be involved within the International Geneva. Quentin truly believes in the key role that can play CSOs and NGOs in the research and the conduct of peace.

Quentin Bérod, Intern

Serhat Yilmaz


Serhat holds a bachelor's degree in economic and social history from the University of Geneva since 2018. During his bachelor's degree, he was interested in the problems of economic and social inequalities. This interest prompted him to focus on the African continent. He therefore chose to continue his training with a Masters in African Studies. Issues of human rights and peace building are subjects of interest to him as well. He found in Cd4Peace the NGO that defended his values.

Serhat Yilmaz, Intern

Vaishnavi Sreenivas


Vaishnavi is a recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh with an MSc in Religious Studies. She completed her undergraduate education in English Literature from India and wishes to pursue a career in advocacy and research in diversity, social justice and human rights. She is interested in the intersectional approach towards peace building that incorporates cultural diversity and thus joined CD4Peace.

Vaishnavi Sreenivas, Intern


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